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We offer innovative Physiotherapy Rehabilitation and Electrotherapy equipments in Singapore and Asia.
Hollywog - BTL ULtrasound

Hollywog (WiTouch Pro)

Hollywog innovate with a purpose to improve human health across the globe. They are designers, developers, and producers of unique medical devices that are clinically effective and provide an unmatched usability experience  in the USA. They have a proven track record of transforming imaginative thought into award-winning medical solutions.  They are proud their technology is recognized by medical professionals and  global leaders in consumer health with their vast consumer reach and brand trust. This is a big win for all, primarily the pain sufferers.
3D-Gait_blackbackground_PMS-and-Cyan - Chattanooga Ultrasound

3-D Gait Analysis

3D Gait is an innovative health solution helping prevent and treat running and walking injuries. After nine years of research and development, Dr. Reed Ferber and the Running Injury Clinic have developed the world’s first 3D biomechanical gait analysis system for use in a clinical setting: 3D Gait. 3D Gait is built around the world’s largest database of three-dimensional biomechanical walking and running data.
EMS dark blue - DTS Chattanooga


EMS Physio design, manufacture and supply electrotherapy physio equipment from their purpose-built offices and factory in the UK. Their include therapeutic ultrasound units, electrical stimulators, shortwave diathermy products, low level laser therapy devices and EMG biofeedback equipment. They also supply a full range of physiotherapy equipment including treatment couches, exercise equipment, gait analysis, pulse compression therapy, ultrasound scanners and the general equipment you would expect to find in any established clinic.
Nu-Tek - Electrotherapy In Physiotherapy


Nu-Tek is a pioneer of complete solution provider in the area of physiotherapy and rehabilitation for musculoskeletal health, pain management and senior citizen health management. Through the high level of quality and continuous innovation, Nu-Tek provides world effective and efficient way for clinicians and patients.
Guardian Brace - ENRAF Electrotherapy

OA Rehabilitator

Guardian REHABILITATORS™ strengthen the affected leg during brace wear such that the affected leg is clinically strengthened, gait is restored, and significant clinical benefits carry over UNBRACED after just 90 days of brace wear. This system of knee braces is an alternative to functional knee braces and has significant prehabilitation and rehabilitation benefits dramatically improving patient outcomes in as little as 90 days.
pivotal - Enraf Ultrasound

PIVOTAL - DOC Decompression Table

At Pivotal Health Solutions, our story starts with a table. Not just any table, but one that you helped us design from the ground up. From that single table, PHS has become a leader in offering beautifully designed, quality-manufactured products for the complementary health care field. Chiropractors, massage therapists, athletic trainers and now anesthesiologists, physical therapists and occupational therapists rely on our extensive line of products to launch and build their practices. As we grew our business, we looked at how health care is consolidating—and we designed and built our products so they could meet the needs of an evolving health care system. It’s all about flexible design, so that no matter what field of complementary health care you’re in, you’ll find products that make your practice easier and help care for your patients in a safe and comfortable fashion.
VerityMedical - Online Electrotherapy Equipments

Verity Medical

Verity Medical Ltd. based in the UK, is a leading developer and manufacturer of health care devices providing neuromuscular electrical stimulation and electromyography programmes which have been shown to be of value in the relief of pain and in helping patients to recover or improve muscle control and tone after accident or illness.
jace system - Orthopedic Physiotherapy Supplies

JACE Systems

JACE Systems is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of continuous passive motion equipment (CPM) for patients recovering from orthopedic surgery. Our devices enable patients to begin their post operative rehabilitation immediately after surgery.
Flexall - Physiotherapy Equipment Vietnam


Flexall Pain Relieving Gel is a unique blend of ingredients including the active ingredient menthol, aloe Vera juice, natural oils and vitamin E.Flexallgives fast, long-lasting relief from minor aches and pains of muscles and joints by increasing local blood circulation. Also acts as an effective counter irritation to pain by providing a cooling sensation followed by deeper heat.
Uniband - Physiotherapy Exercises Equipment


Uniband provide universal resistance training and rehabilitation products for use in Physiotherapy, Fitness and Strength Training. Uniband Bands and Tubes are LATEX FREE to provide uniform resistance to exercise. Available in five colours to provide different resistance level.
Medinet - Physiotherapy Fitness Equipment


Medinet manufactures very innovative Volumetric Incentive Spirometer with Positive Expiratory Pressure attachment to provide breathing exercises along with removal of airway secretions. It also manufactures RESPIPROGRAM, a flow dependent three ball Incentive Spirometer.
SISSEL_4c_weiss - Tecar Therapy

Sissel: Living Sweden way

V2U as a distributor of Sissel Island wide in Singapore introduce the lifestyle products made in Sweden. Beginning with Neck pillows and cushions now Sissel has a comprehensive range of superior fitness, wellness and healthcare products from healthy sleeping & sitting to vitalizing fitness and relaxing massage from hot – cold therapy to portable treatment devices. Comprehensive Sissel range offers a large variety of products from different target groups.
Theratogs - BTL LASER


Theratogs are comfortable breathable orthotic garments that provide gentle, prolonged muscle stretch and alignment guidance that replicates the manual positioning and supervised therapy that the rehab clinician in a typical session. Theratogs promote trunk and joint stability, gentle re-educate the neuro muscular system provide constant proprioceptive input.
TFH - Chattanooga Ultrasound


TFH presents range of Special Needs Toys, from mobile Multi-Sensory, Sensory Integration, to Swings, Trampolines and other Sensory Integration kit, Switches, Rewards and small Sensory toys.
aqua_massage - DTS Chattanooga

Ami Aqua

The benefits of massage and hydrotherapy have been recognized for thousands of years. More than a decade ago, Aqua Massage International answered the needs of wellness professionals for a way to combine these ancient healing therapies with breakthrough modern technology.
Pneumex - Electrotherapy In Physiotherapy


Pneumex is dedicated to providing innovative Pneumatic unweighting system used by Chiropractors and Physical Therapists around the world for Exercise fitness, Neuro-rehabilitation, Sports fitness and training.Pneumex develops simple, high-tech rehabilitation equipment and treatment protocols in the development and application of unweighting and vibration rehabilitation technologies.
MindMedia - ENRAF Electrotherapy



The Physiological monitoringandBiofeedback Company Mind Media B.V. specializes in physiological monitoring & feedback products and solutions for researchers, clinicians and health professionals since 1992. And now after many years of progress, Mind Media are the #1 European company for the field of multi-channel, multi-modal Biofeedback and Neurofeedback systems.

Synapsys - Enraf Ultrasound

Synapsys Video Nystagmography

Video-Nystagmography uses real-time analysis of eye movements that meets the demands of assessing the “Dizzy Patient”. The system is comfortable for the patient and easy to use for the clinicians. Ulmer VNG enhances the effectiveness of diagnosis of the patients with balance disorders.
Turboforte - Hospital Beds

Private: Turboforte

Turboforte is one of the most effective portable mucus clearing device for patients with excessive secretions. Useful in Bronchiectasis, COPD, Chronic Bronchitis and many other conditions leading to production of excessive secretions. The product works effectively by combining Positive Expiratory Pressure with high frequency oscillations in the airways.
Meditouch - Laser Therapy In Physiotherapy


MediTouch Ltd. manufactures innovative physical therapy solutions for hospital, primary and home care use. The products utilize wearable motion capture devices and dedicated rehabilitation software. The MediTouch physical therapy solutions allow patients with upper and/or lower extremity movement dysfunction to practice intensive virtual functional task training of single and multi-joints. In this way the systems implement impairment oriented training (IOT) with augmented motion feedback to give a tailored arm or leg exercise physical therapy program that allows the patient to achieve better functional recovery.
Hasomed - Neurotrac Multitens


RehaCom, a system for computer-assisted cognitive rehabilitation and brain training. The programs translated in many languages including Chinese, are useful in all phases of cognitive rehabilitation. Available in many modules to fit organisation needs such as memory, attention, Visual field, and Executive functions.
Hasomed - Neurotrac Multitens

Doctor Kinetic - Netherlands

The most comprehensive Virtual Reality training system. Doctor Kinetic has exercises for upper limb, lower limb, core, dynamic balance, coordination and back. It can improve patients’ range of motion, strength, coordination, ADL abilities and cognition. It can be used for all kinds of patients.

Hasomed - Neurotrac Multitens

ICB Medical - Australia

The most comprehensive Virtual Reality training system. Doctor Kinetic has exercises for upper limb, lower limb, core, dynamic balance, coordination and back. It can improve patients’ range of motion, strength, coordination, ADL abilities and cognition. It can be used for all kinds of patients.

Hasomed - Neurotrac Multitens

WHITEHALL Rehabilitation - USA

Whitehall Manufacturing began making hydrotherapy whirlpools in 1946. Since then, through the acquisition of companies like Thermo-Electric and Ferno-Ille, we have expanded our line of rehabilitation products to include the broadest line of hydrotherapy whirlpools in the industry, as well as dry and moist heat therapy, cold therapy and splint pans.

Hasomed - Neurotrac Multitens


Typical areas of application for perometers are and the observation of the temporal volume development of extremities and the fitting of compression stockings.

Hasomed - Neurotrac Multitens

ARCON Functional Capacity Evaluation - USA

Arcon’s primary focus is to assist doctors, therapists and companies in their evaluation of an individual’s functional capacity by developing, selling and supporting automated FCE hardware and software.   

Hasomed - Neurotrac Multitens


Namrol was founded in 1995 and represents today one of the greatest manufacturers of podiatry, medical, and wellness equipment

Hasomed - Neurotrac Multitens

GEMt Dry Needling

GEMt’s evidence-based approach combines the worlds best dry needling models, and years of experience, designed to enhance clinical outcomes.